sparX Kuijper  Canada  Don't apologize, you're trying, and actually, your English is quite good.

fatcat3211 It looks like an American Walmart, except everything in the American Walmart, is made in China.

Secret Agent Randy Beans Nothing is more Russian sounding than "Department of Child Food."

wonder12374 It's refreshing to a man leading his household with such wisdom. He's going to have such a healthy family.

angel.gott I love this video. As an American trying to learn Russian, I find this so interesting. You are a sweet couple. Congratulations on the baby

Kirk Dodson, This is one reason why I love YouTube! People from all over the world are learning about each other, and becoming friends.

kld9q8 "Tooth Pasta..." I love it. I'm going to use that name now!

Mercy Walschek Greetings from Nevada. I don't know why this showed up in my feed. But, I'm glad it did. You two are so sweet. And Susie is adorable! I'll be watching all your videos. And, your English is very good. No need to apologize.

Otto B Kilt Now I wanna go around my food store and talk shit about the selection lol. Yall are cute. Yo from New Jersey, USA.

Ethelinda Morte Am I the only one shocked that this is their SMALL market? This is the size of an AVERAGE size American store and resembles our Walmarts (which arent that small)

mistere early “Do not worry, when I return I will bring the world peas.” - Jesus Christ

dacypher22 Honestly this store looks cleaner and better put together than most US grocery stores. Particularly in the produce section, there will almost always be dirt and gunk under the bins.

Raising Crazies  Tooth pasta!  Thanks for the tour!

Morris Tompkins Dan and his wife know what’s up too! Hahaha, no sugar no sweets and no gmo or poor quality animal food!

Boops Scoopz If their “small market” is like our Walmart, I wonder what the “large market” looks like Edit: I love how they call grocery carts transportation lol

Bobby Carr People are basically the same around the world. Similar hopes, and dreams. And typically the same outlook on life. It’s a shame that governments mess everything up.

Shawn Michael  That bottle of Stolichnaya is about $16.99 in the USA. Much love to the People of Russia.

News & Views Today "GMO Production" Eat & die.... LOL, They are so going to be great parents, totally in the family mood & frame of mind. Lucky baby! Prices here in Australia are outrageous, a 1.50 chicken there is 11.00 dollars here & the organic is a few bucks higher still.

Whomiswhowespeakto Butwhoiswhom? “If you feed your animal out of this department, they will soon die.” Good to know. Thank u. And hello from. Michigan, USA

Jeanne Fritz Since I live in the US and am getting old, I will never get to Russia.I absolutely love that you are doing this! Your English is very good! You and your wife are charming! Thank you so much!

Ivy Sweets You guys are so cute.. “if you eat this, you will die”. If you feed this to your pet, your pet will die” I can appreciate your awareness to eat healthily and not have processed food. Great video!

Debra Ann Romero, You are my adorable new friends