North Dakota and Minnesota.


Family and Community First

From the very beginning, Hugo’s has always been about family and service to the community.

Founded in 1939 by the husband-and-wife team of Hugo and Dorothy Magnuson, Hugo’s originally opened in downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota as Pure Food Market.

PHOTO OF  Hugo and Dorothy Magnuson

Hugo died in 2003 at the age of 102. 

Our  10 Hugo’s Family Marketplace stores in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Hugo and Dorothy Magnuson opened their first store in 1939.
From the opening of that first store to today, Hugo’s has been proud to serve our communities.

Our goal is to provide you and your family the finest shopping experience you’ll find anywhere.

We are a local, family-owned business with ten convenient locations in North Dakota and Minnesota. You’re sure to find Hugo’s near you. 


Long before “fresh and healthy” became trendy, we were offering the very best fruits and vegetables each and every day in our produce department.

We work closely with our trusted suppliers to hand select only the finest produce from local farms and from around the world.

You deserve the best, and we have dedicated ourselves to delivering just that. At Hugo’s Family Marketplace, best is our standard.

Our Departments



From warm, flavorful bread to melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts, we have something for every meal and every craving.


For quick-and-easy meals and painless party prep, Hugo’s Deli delivers the perfect combination of convenience and quality.


A personalized cake or decadent dessert is sure to make your next celebration even sweeter for the ones you love!


Try our tender steaks, plump chicken, and juicy burgers and you’ll agree — our meats are a cut above the rest.


Make your next special event even more special with the perfect menu, designed just for you!


Every day, we’re bringing you the freshest, finest fruits and vegetables from around the area and around the world.


We offer beautiful and elegant arrangements for special occasions, weddings. decorating or a surprise gift to brighten someone’s day. Whatever your event or holiday, Hugo’s Floral can create the perfect arrangement.


We offer a wide variety of natural, organic and gluten-free products. Check out our large selection of fresh natural and organic meat, produce and dairy products.






Simplify Your Life With Online Shopping

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Sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy life. But work, kids, home, family and a host of other things keep your days filled.

Finding any way to ease the daily pressure is important. One of those ways is doing your grocery shopping online. Pick up your groceries with curbside pick up when your schedule allows.

Or, have the groceries delivered to your door. Heck, you don’t even have to get out of your jammie’s if you don’t want to.

Hugo’s Family Marketplace was founded in 1939 by the Hugo Magnuson Family in Grand Forks, ND. 78 years later, we are still operated by the same family.

So, we understand family commitments and the importance of spending quality time with your family. We want to help.

That is why we have launched online grocery shopping with curbside pickup or home delivery at all 10 Hugo’s Family Marketplace stores in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Check out our graphic below on how easy it really is….then give it a try. Orders over $100 are delivered FREE and if this is your first time ordering online, enter promo code SAVE10 to receive $10 off your $100+ order.

Shop online now at