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We are a family-operated grocery with a passion to help people create great food.
Every great meal starts with great ingredients, easy instructions, and a pleasant shopping journey. As Montreal and Quebec’s oldest operating exotic foods grocery, we are committed to helping.

This is our legacy. This is our commitment.


Ramdas is the oldest Caribbean grocery store in Montreal

Ramdas Foods is The Foodies’ Grocery Store

Aliments Ramdas Foods: The Beginning of Expertise

Our journey began in 1973 at Raymond’s International Foods & Spices at Marche Atwater (Montreal), and then in 1974 (Ramdas West Indian Food -now Ramdas Foods) in LaSalle, Montreal. We specialized in ingredients from the Caribbean twin-island nation, Trinidad, and Tobago -because that is Mom & Pop’s expertise.  But there is something particularly international about Trinidad & Tobago’s food. 

Emily Ramdass

The Ramdass Foods store in Montreal’s LaSalle borough has been Emily Ramdass’ second home for most of her life.

It’s one of the oldest West Indian stores in the country and was opened by her parents in 1973 after they immigrated from Trinidad and Tobago.

“Customers say ‘I’ve known you since you were a baby,'” she smiled.

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Sami EzFit  · August 24, 2017
I love the service at Ramdas. they are courteous & more than happy to help customers with a big smile! I highly recommend you give this place a try.

Asha Naraine  · September 12, 2016
Love this store been a part of the community for decades. Great friendly staff

Our Commitment

We are passionate about helping people create great food.

And we know from experience that great food creates great memories: from breakfast and lunch to when the dinner guests invade the kitchen. We get it. We socialize around food because it is a valuable part of our lives.

And because every great meal starts with great quality ingredients, easy instructions, and a pleasant shopping journey, we strive to offer this to you every day.

We invite you to journey through our aisles with ease and discover the perfect ingredients for your next masterpiece.  We are here to help you. You have our undivided attention. This is our legacy. This is our commitment. Thank You. From Our Heart,




Caribana is a colorful explosion of costumed masqueraders, steel drums, calypso, brass bands, and music. Although the small twin island of Trinidad and Tobago only have 1.5 million people, they have mad a huge contribution and gave a generous gift to Canada for its 100th Birthday in 1967. Mr. Goudas wrote the book to let the world know that this is not a bunch of idiots dressing up and jumping up and down but it is the culmination of the work of very talented individuals.


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