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Hello everyone 

We are introducing Lavender to you, if you don't know by know what it is.

Lavender is a plant and it's being used for many centuries. 

Lavender helps many individual.  It's good for many different purposes, such as bath, add into the washing machine when washing the clothes.

You don't have to use the whole bottle just add 1 tablespoon in every load.

It also can be used for wiping the floor and spiritual bath.

Some says it can illuminate bad evil eyes and spirit.

It cleanses away bad negativities and it can be used for any age, colour or religion.

 You may not find it in any department or chair store but if you find any of the stores selling this product. The price maybe $24.00 per a bottle but our price is $12.00 for three plus shipping cost.

This is the best gift you can do for yourself, friends and relatives.

To order call: 647-656-7749. Monique