FIDEL CASTRO The Untold Story

Whether dismissed as a relic or revered as a savior, all agree that Fidel Castro, nearing 44 years as the leader of Cuba, is one of the most influential and controversial figures of our time.

Rarely are Americans given a chance to see inside the world of this socialist leader.

The new documentary film FIDEL by Estela Bravo offers a unique opportunity to view the man through exclusive interviews with Castro himself, historians, public figures and close friends, with rare footage from the Cuban State archives. 

Alice Walker, Harry Belafonte, and Sydney Pollack discuss Fidel as a person, while former and current US government figures including Arthur Schlesinger, Ramsey Clark, Wayne Smith, Congressman Charles Rangel, and a former CIA agent offer political and historical perspectives on Castro and the long-standing US embargo against Cuba.

Family members and close friends, including Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, offer a window into the rarely seen personal life of Fidel.

Cuba and Castro: Documentary on the Secret Life of Fidel Castro

"Cuba an island of Dreams" 


  Cuban Revolution (Fidel Castro Raul Castro Che Guevara)

 Fidel Castro. 2002

Este filme retrata a vida do cubano Fidel Castro.
Seus amores, amigos, prisões e sua ideologia política são mostradas de uma forma surpreendente.
Um filme de guerra, uma guerra cheia de pequenas batalhas, mas com grandes ideais, você vai assistir e recomendar.

Fidel Castro Interview by Ted Turner


"The Cuban Missile Crisis" Declassified 

In October 1962, the world tottered on the brink of nuclear war.
The Soviet Union's Premier Nikita Khrushchev had placed missiles in Cuba to defend it from unexpected American invasion.
When US intelligence provided President John F. Kennedy with proof, he demanded that they are removed, risking the first nuclear exchange between the superpowers.
Now, new information reveals just how fragile communication between Moscow and Washington was and how little each side understood of the other.

Fidel Castro interview - Barbara Walters


Bodyguard reveals the lifestyle of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro, who led Cuba for a half-century, dies at 90

Communist leader Fidel Castro ruled the island of Cuba with an iron fist for almost half a century until he handed over power to his brother eight years ago. Hari Sreenivasan reports on his life and times and his ongoing discord with the U.S.

Fidel Castro Death | Cubans Mourn the Passing


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