Female Prison In Detroit - Full Documentary


Sex in Ancient Egypt

The Russian Mafia | Special Documentary


Revealed the Secrets of North Korea.

North Korea Full Length Documentary 2015: Revealed the Secrets of North Korea.

North Korea is a country in East Asia, in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. The capital and largest city is Pyongyang. The Korean Demilitarized Zone marks the boundary between North Korea and South Korea. The legitimacy of this border is not accepted by either side, as both states claim to be the legitimate government of the entire peninsula.

Over time North Korea has gradually distanced itself from the world Communist movement. Juche, an ideology of national self-reliance, was introduced into the constitution as a "creative application of Marxism–Leninism" in 1972. In 2009, the constitution was amended again, quietly removing the brief references to communism (Chosŏn'gŭl: 공산주의).

Animal Life of Cuba National Geographic The Crown Jewel of the Caribbean

Air Crash Investigation First Plane Hit Tower 9 11 Terrorist Attack

Money And Power in North Korea

North Korea has becoming increasingly isolated under a series of international economic sanctions. The country is in financial straits. How has the Kim Jong Un regime managed to stay in power?

Our interviews with people who were once high-ranking officials in the leadership inner circle and investigation in several countries revealed the existence of secret funds that only the supreme leader can freely use. The program will explore connection between power and money in North Korea.

China's Sexual Revolution

Revolution and its sizzling Economic Revolution. But you haven't heard about its other great social upheaval - the Chinese Sexual Revolution - and like everything in that country it's happening at warp speed. It's China's version of the 60s revolution - on steroids.
China's Sexual Revolution is the world's first glimpse - often using secret cameras - into this forbidden new China.

It's a surprising portrait of the Chinese today: the new free love generation that's left their parents in shock; the booming sex industry that's creating an HIV crisis; the new generation of career women and feminists that suddenly wants it all - while millions of men feel left out.

Revolution and its sizzling Economic Revolution. But you haven't heard about its other great social upheaval - the Chinese Sexual Revolution - and like everything in that country it's happening at warp speed. It's China's version of the 60s revolution - on steroids. China's Sexual Revolution is the world's first glimpse - often using secret cameras - into this forbidden new China.

First Out of Africa:The Totally Isolated Tribe of the Andaman

On a cluster of islands deep in a Bay of Bengal live a group of people who have hidden away from the modern world. For centuries they fought off anyone who tried to intrude. Marco Polo called them cannibals.

Their origins are a mystery. Where they came from, how long they have been there, who they are... no one knows. But could these islanders hold the key to the mystery of our own origins? An expedition sets out to the Andaman Islands to unravel the secrets of the people whose past could solve the riddle of human evolution.

Secrets of Mormon Cult: Breaking Polygamy

Mormons are a religious and cultural group related to Mormonism, the principal branch of the Latter Day Saint movement of Restorationist Christianity, which began with Joseph Smith in upstate New York during the 1820s. After Smith's death in 1844, the Mormons followed Brigham Young to what would become the Utah Territory.

Today, most Mormons are understood to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Some Mormons are also either independent or non-practicing. The center of Mormon cultural influence is in Utah, and North America has more Mormons than any other continent, though the majority of Mormons live outside the United States.


Forced Marriage Rania Farrah's Extraordinary Story

Forced Marriage: An extraordinary story of kidnap, survival, escape and hiding
On 60 Minutes, the most extraordinary story of kidnap, survival, escape and hiding.
13-year-old Rania Farrah was supposed to be on the trip of a lifetime, a tour of historic Egypt with her older brother.
Instead, the Sydney teenager would be taken captive by her father's family in Syria, and held against her will. 
She endured horrific beatings and the most dreadful breaches of human rights.
She would be married off to her cousin, a man she'd never met, in a land she didn't know.
Young Rania was a prisoner in the secretive and sinister world of forced marriage.

Tourette's Syndrome - Life With Tourette's

To the outside world, it can appear something of a joke, but Tourette's is no laughing matter for those living with the syndrome. Sufferers' lives are forever marred by the constant, uncontrollable urge to shout, swear and tic inappropriately.

In this remarkable story, we meet Jess, who finds it impossible to control the urge to say the word 'biscuit'. She says it hundreds, if not thousands of times every single day, often while punching herself in the chest. Jess invites Sunday Night into her life to experience what it's like to live with Tourette's.

It is heartbreaking television. Rahni Sadler also meets an amazing young jazz singer who swears and tics uncontrollably off stage, but transforms into a composed and talented songstress on stage. This story will forever change the way you think about Tourette's.

Miracle Baby With 2 Faces | Hope and Faith

Baby With Two Faces Born in Sydney, Australia 2014

5 Year Old BOY Chooses To Live Life As A GIRL

Putting it simply she's a little girl who says she's stuck in a little boy's body. But nothing is simple about what lies ahead for five-year-old Skyler Burns. Now, her parents explain their heartbreaking decision.

Jesus Was a Buddhist Monk - Documentary

This documentary examines the question 'Did Jesus Die?'. It looks at a bunch of ideas around this question until minute 25, where this examination of ideas takes a very logical and grounded turn with surprising conclusions that demonstrate The three wise men were Buddhist monks who found Jesus and came back for him around puberty.

After being trained in a Buddhist Monastery he spread the Buddhist philosophy, survived the crucifixion, and escaped to Kashmir, Afghanistan where he died an old man at the age of 80.

Real truth behind islam - Full Documentary

The Deepest Place On Earth" 

The Mariana Trench or Marianas Trench is the deepest known part of the world's oceans. It is located in the western Pacific Ocean, to the east of the Mariana Islands. The trench is about 2,550 kilometres (1,580 mi) long but has an average width of only 69 kilometres (43 mi). It reaches a maximum-known depth of 10,994 m (± 40 m) or 6.831 mi (36,070 ± 131 ft) at the Challenger Deep, a small slot-shaped valley in its floor, at its southern end,although some unrepeated measurements place the deepest portion at 11.03 kilometres (6.85 mi).

Conspiracy Documentary 2015 GeoEngineering 

Death Valley National Park

Full Length Documentary 2015 National Geographic Death Valley National Park 

Secret Ancient Giant, Alien, Annunaki (Sumerian Mesopotamia)

Documentary Shock: Nephilim Giant, Alien, Annunaki (Sumerian Mesopotamia Mythology): Myth or Reality?
It is a strange documentary that analyzes under different angle giant myth, this story of giants, ridiculous at first sight, yet we find traces in Latin America with the Mayans and Incas.

They also believed that a race of antediluvian giants had lived on earth. Some mistook them for giant gods, others were content to mention them in stories or represent pictorially. According to Greek and Roman giants come from a rain of ashes.


The Evolution of Sex 

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The Secrets of Bermuda Triangle 

National Geographic Documentaries 2015


Inside Canada's prisons

This outstanding CBC News Big Picture Special provides a thorough, straightforward portrait of how Canada deals with people who break the law: from the special handling unit where the most dangerous are held to a minimum security facility that some say is too soft; from a man who's never been in prison before to those who will spend the rest of their lives in custody; from the corrections officers who work the cell blocks to the woman who manages the entire system.

Eight short documentaries make up this special and are interspersed with a forum of correctional staff, government officials and inmates who comment on and discuss the documentary content. 


Taboo: Prison Love

Love behind bars with some of the most dangerous criminals on earth. In Texas, an inmate in solitary confinement gets married with the help of a radio host as surrogate groom, while the prisoner listens over the radio.

In California, a pregnant woman has a white wedding at the county jail, with a glass wall separating the couple as they say their vows. In Tennessee, a man serving life for murder marries a woman he met over the Internet, but the marriage has little hope of being consummated.

Taboo: Gross Food

In some societies around the world, snacking on cockroaches, dining on worms and swallowing the still-beating heart of a snake are traditions and even considered delicacies. In these episode of Taboo, travel across cultural borders to explore extreme food customs that are acceptable in some cultures but forbidden or reviled in others.


Taboo: Fat

Humans across the globe are getting heavier, and in the United States two-thirds of the population are overweight. For some, beauty norms about size are changing, but for others, the sight of fat is still taboo. In Pennsylvania, we meet a man who has been eating himself to death. At 650 pounds, he can no longer move on his own.

Growing Up Without A Face

The story of five-year-old Juliana Wetmore, who suffers from an extreme condition called Treacher Collins syndrome.
Julianna Wetmore was born with a rare genetic craniofacial disorder known as Treacher Collins Syndrome. This condition normally appears as elongated or sagging eyes and small or missing ears and generally affects 1 in 10,000. 

Not only is this a rare occurrence but, Julianna has perhaps the most severe case ever seen. The condition was first seen during pre-natal scans where doctors thought that she had a cleft palate. However, the full extent of her disfigurement was not seen until she was born.

Treacher Collins Syndrome is a genetic mutation that prevents the proper formation of the skull, cheek and jaw bones. Julianna's case was so severe she required immediate plastic surgery to uncover her left eye and to open up an airway so that she could breathe. 


The 96-Year-Old Schoolgirl

Hayley Okines is one of the most recognisable faces of progeria, an incredibly rare condition that causes signs of old age in children. Occurring just once in eight million people, the genetic mutation physically ages a sufferer's body eight times faster than normal. With unique, intimate access to Hayley and her family, this documentary follows the young girl over a three-year period, beginning with her trip to Boston to start medical trials in 2007.

Over the past three years, there have been small signs that things are improving for Hayley - tiny hair growth on the arms, a gain in height, a general feeling of wellbeing. 

In 2009, the family was told that another drug treatment had been found to have even more promising results. With no time to wait for official results from the first trial, Hayley's parents were faced with a big decision -- should they take another giant leap of faith in medical science?

Alongside the medical story, this film follows Hayley as she starts secondary school -- something her parents thought would never happen when she began infant school in 2002. Will results from the drug trial enable her to look forward to a future beyond school? .


The Twins Who Share A Body

This episode contains a rare look at Abby and Brittany Hensel, dicephalus conjoined twins, having two heads and sharing one body.
Abby: "We wanted to make this documentary so people wouldn't always have to stare and take pictures because we don't like it when they take pictures".

Dicephalus (Two Headed) Conjoined Twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel are about to turn sixteen. They've shared every single moment of their lives, but it wasn't a matter of choice. These twin sisters are joined for life.

Abby and Brittany were born with just one body between them. The only known surviving dicephalus conjoined twins. They've spent their lives in a small close-knit community, completely protected from prying eyes.

The girls live on a farm in Minnesota with their younger brother and sister, Coty and Morgan, and their mother and father, Patty and Mike Hensel. As they reach sixteen, on the brink of womanhood, they decide to show the world what it's really like to be joined for life.

Every moment of their lives requires the twins to cooperate with each other, and they appear to be totally in sync, but that doesn't mean they always agree. Brittany describes Abby as bossy and outspoken. Abby describes Brittany as having been shy but becoming more confident, she likes to take her time with things. 


The Girl Who Never Ate

The story of Tia McCarthy, a seven-year-old girl with a rare disorder in which her oesophagus and stomach are unconnected. Despite corrective surgery, she has never eaten a morsel.

Tia McCarthy is 7 years old and she has never eaten anything. She is fed through a tube into her stomach and she never gets hungry or thirsty. Her mother Sue is desperate for a solution to be found to this puzzling problem before it is too late.

With medical opinion in Britain unable to find a solution, Sue is preparing to submit Tia as a research case to the one of the world's leading specialists in the art of encouraging children to eat.

This film follows Sue and Tia as they head to Austria to meet Dr Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer, whose programme of 'controlled starvation' boasts a near perfect success rate. The film follows Sue's emotional journey as she hands her child over to the woman who she hopes can do the one thing no one else has ever managed - teach Tia to eat.

Worst Cases Of Plastic Surgery Obsession

The quest for the perfect body is both challenging and nearly impossible. With society’s high standards of beauty, it can be overwhelming to maintain appearances over the course of our lifetimes.

This is where plastic surgery comes in. It is a quick and easy route to change your appearance, or maintain the appearance you have, despite the pain and recovery time that’s needed. Some people just need a quick injection of Botox and their happy. However, there are some people who have extraordinarily high standards of what they want to look like, and they will go to great lengths to achieve that beauty.

No matter how unrealistic the dream may be, or how crazy the idea is, the people in this video have forced their bodies to become broken, torn apart, and rebuilt again, waking up looking much different than when they went under the knife.

The 16 Year Old Killer: Cyntoia's Story

In 2004, Cyntoia Brown was arrested for the murder of a 43-year-old man. Cyntoia was a prostitute and he was her client. Film-maker Daniel Birman was granted unique access to Cyntoia from the week of her arrest, throughout her trial and over a period of six years.
His documentary explores the tragic events in her life that led up to the murder, and Cyntoia's biological mother meets he daughter for the first time since giving her up for adoption 14 years earlier.

The film explores the history of abuse, violence, drugs and prostitution back through three generations. As Cyntoia faces a lifetime in prison, the programme asks difficult questions about her treatment by the American justice system.


America's masonic and illuminati influence around the world


FOX NEWS: WARNING! Electric Grid, Solar Flare CME, CERN LHC, 1st Trumpet, Antichrist, NWO

Jade Helm FEMA Camps: Walmart Founder Sam Walton TRUTH EXPOSED! (Rhema word)


Why they killed Sandra Bland


10 CHILD STARS Who Are Completely BROKE

How is it possible that so many child stars end up completely broke and living behind dumpsters? Is it due to their poor managers, addiction, needy friends, greedy parents, bad investments or just good old fashioned poor decision making.

You'll recognize these child stars from popular shows like Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Full House, Happy Days and from movies like The Terminator, Sleepless in Seattle and Mean Girls.

It just blows our mind that so many child celebrities grow up to be washed up former child stars. Whatever the reason is behind their epic downfall, it is certainly sad and terribly unfortunate. 

Top 10 Celebrities Who Went Broke


Darker Side of Bangkok Full Documentary

Thailand travel documentary - Darker Side of Bangkok Full Documentary
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And if you intend to travel in somecountry or someplace and want to get more information of places, please comment in this video, we'll upload as soon as possible. Thank you

Secrets Beneath the Ice - PBS

Almost three miles of ice buries most of Antarctica, cloaking a continent half again as large as the United States. But when an Antarctic ice shelf the size of Manhattan collapsed in less than a month in 2002, it shocked scientists and raised the alarming possibility that Antarctica may be headed for a meltdown.

Even a 10 percent loss of Antarctica's ice would cause catastrophic flooding of coastal cities unlike any seen before in human history. What are the chances of a widespread melt? "Secrets Beneath the Ice" explores whether Antarctica's climate past can offer clues to what may happen.

NOVA follows a state-of-the-art expedition that is drilling three-quarters of a mile into the Antarctic seafloor. The drill is recovering rock cores that reveal intimate details of climate and fauna from a time in the distant past when the Earth was just a few degrees warmer than it is today.

As researchers grapple with the harshest conditions on the planet, they discover astonishing new clues about Antarctica's past—clues that carry ominous implications for coastal cities around the globe.


Taboo: Death

Death is one of the few constants in life. Taboo explores how several cultures deal with their dead, ironically gaining unique insights into how each group approaches life.

In the United States, entrepreneurs earn a good living from the dead, coaxing the deceased’s last stories from its body.

In the Hindu holy city of Varanasi, India, “untouchables” are both reviled and respected for their handling of the dead.

And in Indonesia, a dead relative demands an elaborate funeral that can bankrupt the survivors.

Around the globe, what is held as taboo in one culture is simply considered the most natural way to handle death in another.


Darwin's Theory Of Evolution - Discovery History Science Documentary

Darwin's Theory of Evolution is a theory in crisis in light of the tremendous advances we've made in molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics over the past fifty years.

We now know that there are in fact tens of thousands of irreducibly complex systems on the cellular level. Specified complexity pervades the microscopic biological world.

Molecular biologist Michael Denton wrote, "Although the tiniest bacterial cells are incredibly small, weighing less than 10-12 grams, each is in effect a veritable micro-miniaturized factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of intricate molecular machinery, made up altogether of one hundred thousand million atoms, far more complicated than any machinery built by man and absolutely without parallel in the non-living world.


The most inspirational video you will ever see Nick Vujicic

No arms, no legs - no worries! Nick Vujicic uses his story to inspire and inform people all around the world. Don't let this life changing message pass you by. Share this with everyone you know!



TOP 10 BEST Got Talent auditions


PBS Nova Ghosts of Machu Picchu


Rape of Nanking Part I Atrocities in Asia Nanjing Massacre

Rape of Nanking - Nanjing Massacre. Japanse Atrocities in Asia. Part I of 2.

This documentary, by Rhawn Joseph is based on 20 years research and consists entirely of archival photos and film-clips.

This film begins with an overview of Japan and China at the beginning of the 20th Century, explains the mind-set of the Japanese and their God, Hirohito, and then continues with the invasion of China, the crimes committed by the Japanese (during the Fall) on the road to Nanjing, Nanjing Massacre, the rape of the Philipines, Unit 731, the Baatan death camps, Japanese denials, and the dropping of the A-bomb on Japan. 

The purpose of this film is educational, and to explain the mind-set that led to a horrible crime: the torture and murder of 280,000 civilians by Japanese soldiers who took great pleasure in raping, bayonetting, beheading and burning people alive.

We wish to emphasize: These crimes took place throughout Asia, and the Japanese planned the same for the White races as well, including America. 

Those who do not learn from the past, are condemned to repeat it. The purpose of this film is, thus, educational. We have no hatred for the Japanese people. 

This documentary is an independent production. We are not associated with and never received any financial help from the Chinese government or any group or organization.

The film is completely independent. We have no political motives. We have no purpose and no other goal other than to create an interesting, provocative, educational movie that speaks to the mind and intellect, and which can speak to the heart and one'e emotions.